3 Essential Things To Look for When Buying Athletic Shoes

3 Essential Things To Look for When Buying Athletic Shoes

When it comes to the design, look, and functionality of shoes, the sneaker industry offers a lot. In fact, navigating through various sneaker brands, their ever-evolving style can be quite confusing for both new and seasoned buyers.

However, comfort should always remain your first priority when picking a shoe for athletic purposes. For instance, it is best to choose an athletic shoe capable of mimicking your feet’s natural swelling after exercise without being uncomfortable. 

With that being said, here is a list of things you must consider before purchasing athletic shoes. 

  1. Maximum support and motion control

If you deal with specific issues like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, or tendonitis, then go for sneakers with impeccable motion control. 

But, how will you know if a particular type of sneaker offers motion control or not? To determine this, check a visible feature in the mid-part of the shoe’s sole. It typically has an arch or elevation and appears to separate the heel and forefoot area of the shoes. 

Sneakers like Air Jordan 1 High Hyper Royal offer motion control have a higher degree of stability, meaning it resists foot pronation. Avoid excessive pronation as that could lead to issues like knee problems, plantar fasciitis, etc. 

  1. Stability 

Stability in shoes means that the shoe can offer good support but has less control over the foot’s motion than a motion control shoe is capable of offering. 

A stability shoe works best for people who don’t overpronate or need added support. These types of shoes are preferred by people who love a little flexibility in their shoes instead of stiff and rigid soles. 

Companies like Adidas and Nike use “stability” in their shoe categories. 

  1. Cushioning 

Cushioned shoes are best for people looking for shock absorption qualities in their shoes. These types of shoes have less rigidity and control than other styles available in the market. It means cushioned shoes are easy to flex in half or even twist. 

However, these shoes may not be an ideal choice for those who overpronate or anyone who has issues with foot or ankle instability. 

But again, cushioned shoes may work wonders for people with rigid and high-arched feet. If you end up spraining your feet quite often, keep in mind that the narrower and thicker sole can enhance the risk of sprain. 

This matter was a significant issue with curved toning shoes that came with a lot of cushioning but offered increased instability.  

These are some impressive things you must consider to ensure your athleisure sneakers like Air Jordan 1 High Hyper Royal are not just comfortable but highly reliable to carry out the intended athletic activity.