Ideal jewellery to carry on your vacations

Ideal jewellery to carry on your vacations

Vacations are a time when you want to step up your style and wear the best of everything that you have. Your vacation may be a fun road trip or that luxury cruise that you’d been waiting forever for you need to carry pieces that will see you through the day and night, but don’t know which piece will go with your vacation’s ambience. You may also be worried about losing your favourite piece in an unknown place, it getting pinched, or forgetting it at the hotel.

Read this quick guide about the what and how of the ideal jewellery that you should carry on your next vacation:

  • Pack light: While you may be tempted to match earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. with every outfit that you are carrying on your holiday, avoid doing that! Don’t weigh down your luggage or yourself with numerous jewellery pieces. Not only would be carrying the excessive weight and multiple packs but will also spend the vacation counting the pieces of jewellery. Be smart and pack only the jewellery that will go with multiple outfits.

  • Leave the expensive pieces home: Avoid carrying pieces that are expensive or have sentimental value. This way you are saved from the nagging thoughts of losing them and the stress of keeping them safe. Instead, pack pieces statement pieces that are sure to add personality to your outfits. You can invest in less expensive options like white quartz or crystal pieces in place of diamonds and make them your vacation favourites. Instead of those diamond or platinum bracelets, look for the more reasonable option of gold bangle designs with price.

  • Know what’ll go with your vacation style: It’s always a good idea to keep your vacation’s ambience in mind before packing your jewellery. For example, for a seaside getaway, you might want to pack jewellery that’s inspired by the sea and sand like seashell necklaces, coconut shell bracelets, etc. If you are headed to see old cities, wear pieces that are vintage like coin jewellery or in warm hues like dull gold. If you are going to be on a road trip, choose spunky and chic pieces that spell fun. You could look for kitschy studs, stacked rings, or modern gold necklace designs.

  • Durability is the key: Remember vacations might be fun for you but not so much for your jewellery. Wherever you might be travelling, there is going to be one or the other element that might end up harming your jewellery. Pearls, though look beautiful and go with almost all vacation styles, they are quite delicate. The sheen of a pearl can easily get damaged the by chemicals found commonly in perfumes, etc. Likewise for stones like turquoise, opals, citrine, and diamond. Instead opt for gemstones and metals that are more durable like rubies and silver, etc. that will not give you heartache even if there is rough handling.

  • Go tangle-free: If you want to avoid spending vacation time untangling complicated jewellery pieces like layered necklaces, simply don’t carry them. Instead, carry necklaces with single chains or carry jewellery carrier cases or rolls that have inbuilt rings and hooks to prevent your necklaces from becoming messy. Another great idea to make you look dressed up while saving the mess of tangled pieces is to carry multiple ring pieces that you can stack up. Or carry chunkier necklaces and bracelets instead of finer and delicate chains that are more likely to get tangled into balls.

So now that you know the ‘what’ and ‘how’ to spice up any vacation with practical yet chic jewellery, go ahead and take that vacation that you always to- in style!