Why are anklets still trendy?

Why are anklets still trendy?

An anklet or Payal is worn around the ankle. They are available in a different style, ranging from modest and delicate to bright and showy. Cropped jeans, pants, dresses, skirts, and shorts look amazing with them. Whether you wear heels or flats, an anklet always elevates your look. They are a lovely little ornament that is discreet yet gorgeous when spotted.

Some even claim that when you wear a Payal, each step you take repels negative energy and sends out a positive vibration around. There are so many fashion trends coming each day; you might wonder if anklets even exist today. It is daunting to keep up with what is in style and what is not.  So, are anklets still in fashion today?

Anklets in the 1990s were trendy. Choker necklaces, crop tops, slim sunglasses, platform shoes, knee-high boots, satin, mesh, kitten heels, cat-eye sunglasses, fanny packs, fishnet ties, high waist jeans, scrunchies have all made a comeback in recent years. So, has anklets and you find different Payal design online.

Even if it is not a trend, anklets can never be a fashion error because it is a discreet accessory in various patterns. So, the general idea is: if it looks beautiful and you think you can pull it off, go for it! Besides, it is best to look different and stick out.

When should you wear anklets?

Payals are best for any occasion. But, of course, the style gets decided by the event and your dress. For example, if the event is celebratory and you are wearing a dress, for the blingy ones.

If you wear cropped jeans or a skirt on a casual summer day, a simple chain anklet or a beaded one completes the appearance.

Also, anklets should only be worn on bare ankles, not over socks or tights (but they may get worn over stockings in specific situations). Once again, nothing prevents you from wearing the combination if it looks well.

Which ankle should you wear it on?


You can wear them on both ankles. Wearing an anklet on both gives you an opulent look in varied scenarios. In most cases, however, wearing a Payal on only one ankle is a better option.


What are the latest styles in anklets?


If you think an anklet is a good investment right now, you are on the right track. The only thing to decide is the anklet style you desire. You have the option of selecting a fashionable anklet. They look fantastic on you and give the impression that you are well-versed in fashion. A simple, delicate, and timeless Payal design might be the perfect start if you want to play it safe and ease into wearing anklets.

Ideas and inspirations


Chain anklets


These made of chains are versatile and usually essential. They look well in both casual and dressy outfits. You have the option of wearing a single layer or layered ones. Pendants or beads make them attractive, but the most common are essential chains with or without layers. You find them on online jewellery shopping websites easily.

Crystal anklets


Owing to their resemblance to pricey diamonds, crystal anklets the most exquisite anklet variety. They glisten and shimmer, adding opulence to your ensemble. A crystal anklet is the finest option for a cocktail party or a night out at the club.

Layered anklets


Nowadays, layering significant jewellery is a trend. Fashion influencers use layered necklaces and rings, and anklets are no exception. So, if you opt for a trendy style, go for a layered anklet. They are a big hit if you search for jewellery online on popular e-commerce sites.

Beaded anklets


Anklets with beads are fun and easy-going. They are brightly coloured, and some are found in neutral tones too. Crystal, natural stone, resin, and metal are a few of the materials used to make beads. In the summer, beaded anklets look best with casual clothing. They are also perfect for days at the beach because bead materials are usually water-resistant.


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