Hairdressing scissors: 2021 buying guide for amateurs and professional hair dressers

Hairdressing scissors: 2021 buying guide for amateurs and professional hair dressers

Whether you are a professional, aspiring or even an amateur in the art of haircutting, it is essential that you have the right tools and accessories to achieve a good result. Among them, the main one is actually the hairdressing scissors, which you can buy after clicking on this link But do you know what you need to take into account?

First, the most important

A good hairdressing scissors is essential to get the cut right and protect the strands. Nowadays it is possible to find different types of hair clippers. To choose the ideal one, you should analyze the accessory’s inches and teeth, as well as the type of scissors according to the purpose of the cut. Of course, mastering cutting techniques is important, but without good hairdressing scissors the challenge will be even greater and the damage can be disastrous. As there are many models, you need to know how to choose the best scissors.

Why invest in hairdressing scissors?

If you are a professional hairdresser, you already know the importance of having the right tools to ensure the best result. But, if you are just starting out in the art of haircutting, it is necessary to highlight the role of the main working tool – the hairdressing scissors. The fact is that you should not use any scissors to cut the threads, as there is a risk of damaging them and still missing the cut.

Scissors cutting hair

The specific haircutting scissors are manufactured with special material, design and structure to ensure the right cut and hair protection. So much so that you will find several models of scissors to cut hair, and each one is specially developed for a specific type of cut and type of wire. No wonder, professionals usually have more than one hairdresser’s scissors, precisely to meet the most varied types of hair and customers’ desires for cuts.

What types of hairdressing scissors?

When choosing specific scissors to cut hair, you will come across a wide variety of types and models. But, the first step in understanding the different types of hairdressing scissors is to consider the cut style.

  • Razor Edge Scissors: This type of hairdressing scissors has two very sharp blades.
  • Laser wire scissors: This option is recommended for those looking for precision in a straight cut without a comb.

  • Thinning scissors: This model is the most suitable for making cuts that reduce the volume of curly strands.
  • Thermal scissors: besides these options there are other types, such as thermal hairdressing scissors. This type of scissors heats the blade and when you cut the hair, the ends are sealed. Thus, the cut is straighter and without split ends.

What is the best brand of hair scissors?

Of course, when choosing a haircut scissors, the manufacturer’s brand is an important aspect to consider. As it is a work tool, experts say that the ideal is to opt for brands that have expertise in the manufacture of hairdressing accessories, such as Jaguar. Besides, you should also consider the prices, models, quality, brand reputation, feedbacks, etc.

If possible, don’t forget to consult with a professional hair dresser.