What is the price of a diamond wedding ring?

What is the price of a diamond wedding ring?

This question is more complex than it seems. If you change the term “Diamond engagement rings” for “car” in this sentence, you will understand that there are countless variables that interfere with the value of an engagement ring. The value of a diamond engagement ring is directly influenced by the weight, quality, cut, color, impurity of its gems and other factors related to the metal used, design, type of manufacture, and product brand.

However, one of the most important variables is the size of the central diamond. It is the size that determines a large part of the price of the rings.

What are the differentials?

It is important to understand that the value of diamonds rises exponentially in relation to weight. After all, larger diamonds are rarer than smaller diamonds. Therefore, a 50-point diamond is worth much more than two 25-point diamonds and a 100-point diamond is worth more than two 50-point diamonds and much more than four 25-point diamonds. Besides the weight, it is important to assess the quality of the diamonds in the engagement ring.

As with any product, the type of raw material greatly influences the value of the final piece. Better diamonds have fewer impurities, are more colorless and have a good cut, which directly influences the brilliance of the diamond.

Don’t push your purchase

If you are in the middle of choosing a diamond engagement ring, we recommend that you delve into this subject. Besides better understanding the famous 4C’s classification for diamonds (Color: Color, Carat: Weight, Clarity: Purity, Cut: Cut), we suggest you select the best online jewelry store that has a good reputation. Although the central diamond is an important factor in the price composition of engagement rings, the subject is not restricted to this variable.

However, this information will be important for you to better organize prices in your mind. It will be much easier to compare rings within the same brand. With this comparison, it is possible to understand how dramatic the price variation is when the size of the central diamond is increased.

Some other factors to consider

Remember that the subject is complex, but it is safe to say that the larger the diamond, the greater its representativeness in the composition of the value of an engagement ring. In cases of smaller diamonds, variables such as gold, labor, brand, design and taxes may be factors that will outweigh the importance of the central diamond. If you believe that a jewel rich in details with a unique design matches more with the style of your future bride, so let’s be it.

A word about diamond certificates

You must have realized the importance of the central diamond in a ring. Therefore, it is natural for people to seek certificates that attest to the quality of the diamond that makes up their jewelry. In the market, there are two types of certificates – those issued by the jewelers themselves and those issued by specialized laboratories.

Diamonds with laboratory certificates are naturally more expensive. Therefore, it is natural that many people search for laboratory certificates, especially those issued by the renowned GIA.