Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Husband

Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Husband

Unless the valentine, what else we wait for in February? The day is full of love. Sometimes people just feel too cool to express love. Valentine’s day will help us tell the one we love, certainly cause Valentine’s is a day of love. 

This article won’t tell the history of valentine. You could find it on the internet in many ways. This article will give you gift ideas for valentine, especially for your husband, and some tips to do.

Tips Valentine’s Gifts for Husband

First of all, you need to know what your husband likes and dislikes. It will help you avoid buying things that he doesn’t like and do not work for your husband. Stuff that he might want to use could leave a nice impression.

The second, know his needs. The feel of affection and care will grow if the wife gives stuff that the husband needs.

The third, knows his favorite color and smell. It probably will direct you to buy a gift the same thing or just similar things.

Those are basic tips and gift ideas for your husband.

As we know, on 14 February everybody on this planet celebrates Valentine’s, especially Singapore, so we know that people usually give others a gift of candy, chocolate, cute doll, and flowers. But, would men love to receive flowers?  Of course, the answer is men can receive flowers and love them. Everybody on this planet deserves pretty flowers. 

Here are some tips to give men flowers as a Valentine’s day in Singapore. 

  1. Watch the number of flowers on the bouquet, do not ever put an even flower. Even flowers are only made for the funeral and the valentine is not.
  2. The most appropriate color of flower that you would give to men is a vivid color. Do not use flowers with soft color, the bold color is the answer.
  3. Choose the dark ribbon outside the bouquet.
  4. Choose flower beside it to mean. 

Those are a few tips for a gift of valentines day flowers singapore

So, let’s start the idea for valentines day flowers singapore and other stuff.

  • Red Rose Bouquet

Who doesn’t know red roses are symbols of love? Red rose is the most popular flower on valentine’s day. Other than that, the red flower will be suitable for a Valentine’s day gift to your husband. Red rose for your pure and deep love. One way to buy this bouquet is through same day flower delivery service. 

  • Sunflowers Bouquet

Besides the tips of valentine’s day flower Singapore, a bouquet of sunflowers could be one of the answers. Sunflower symbolizes your loyalty and faithfulness to your husband. The yellow says it, but the sunflower also has red petals, so you do not need to be worried if you want to get bored with the red rose. A sunflower with red color could replace it.

  • Blue Tulip Bouquet

What blue tulips symbolize? It symbolizes peace. If you fight with your husband and valentine coming, blue tulips are the answer to asking for peace and show him that you express love by giving a bouquet of red tulips. Blue tulips also have a vivid color. Don’t forget to tie a maroon ribbon on the flowers. 

It is not only flowers that you could give to your husband. You could give him several tools that he likes or might need. It could be things that he uses daily, weekly, and monthly. It would make him feel your affection and attention.

  • Perfume 

The perfume will be the best gift idea for any celebration. Surely men with perfume on his body will look more classy and dashing. No wife doesn’t love the good smell from her husband. The perfume will be very useful cause he will use it every day and so do it will be one of the needs.

You can buy perfume with a simple bottle, don’t give your husband a big perfume bottle. The husband would bring it every day in his bag, but the big bottle of perfume takes up a lot of space. The simple one is very suitable for him. The other advantage of the small bottle is he can use it anytime he needs or wants.

  • Shaver 

Things that men would need and sound unique for gift ideas is a shaver. Your husband might use this stuff weekly or monthly. So it could be the one he needs. If the gift we gave to someone, in this case, the husband, is often used equipment, it would make the husband feel cared for. Valentine’s is a day full of love, right? Exactly, when someone feels cared for, so do they would feel loved. The shaver is then very unique for Valentine’s gift and expresses love to the husband.  

  • Aftershaves 

Right after the shaver, we got aftershaves—the same with a shaver. Several guys need aftershaves after shaving. It is because they feel uncomfortable with their skin condition after that. Not only for that reason, but the aftershave would salve the irritation and scuffed or small wound. 

Aftershaves usually have a good smell, which is one of the advantages of using aftershaves. Like skincare, the wife needs to know the skin type of their husband. Aftershaves are good, only with wise use. Contents inside aftershaves could clean the bacteria around lips and chin, but do not use it everyday cause the alcohol will make your husband’s skin dry. To prevent this, the wife needs to find gentle ingredients of aftershaves. It is something like aloe vera, tea tree oil, or witch hazel.

  • Socks

No one does not need socks anyway. The husband especially, will go to work and wear his sock. It is not expensive stuff. It is simple, cheap, and useful for everybody. It will be nice if we have many socks, cause we should change them every day. The thing to do in the morning is looking for socks and perhaps one of them. That boring thing will go away from a troublesome morning cause the husband has a lot of stock of socks. The sock is pretty useful for a husband and pretty helpful for a wife.


  • Tie 

This one thing could be expensive but very useful for the husband. A fancy tie might give a deep impression or a husband. When the husband wears it, he will look more classy, gallant, and like he is an important person. You can match it with the shirt that he loves or his favorite suit.