There are various kinds of Kimonos 

There are various kinds of Kimonos 

Foreside Kimono- This is the formal Kimonos worn with the aid of using single ladies. These kimonos have lengthy flowing sleeves that nearly reached the ankles. They have colorful and vibrant designs on them.

  1. Shiromuku Kimono: The white closely embroidered kimono worn with the aid of using Japanese brides. An over silk kimono robe in a vibrant shadeation (purple or orange) perhaps worn over this white kimono at the marriage reception. 
  2. Tomes ode Kimono: This is a proper kimono with shorter sleeve, worn with the aid of using married ladies. The kimono will have designs best on the lowest edge 
  3. Kura Tomes ode: Tomes ode Kimonos are commonly in a black cloth for formal activities 
  4. Iro tomes ode: Tomes ode Kimonos which might be in different shades 
  5. Homongi Kimono: This is a semi formal kimono with colorful designs /styles throughout it, especially at the again and sleeves. It is likewise named “travelling kimono”. It can be worn with the aid of using each married and single ladies.
  6. Tsukesage Kimono: This is a kimono with styles jogging up the period of the Kimono at the again to the front over the shoulder and at the sleeves. This is worn on activities like weddings, different events, tea ceremonies and so forth, with the aid of using each married and single ladies. 
  7. Kimono Kimono: A Kimono with small diffused repeating styles all around the cloth; the prints are commonly floral; this is an informal fashion kimono. 
  8. Tsumugi Kimono: Kimonos with brighter, greater outstanding styles.
  9. Yukata Kimono: This is kimono worn throughout the summers. It is made from cotton cloth 
  10. Maluku Kimono: This is a Kimono worn for funerals; It is black for women and men with a black obi belt 
  11. Montsuki Kimono: This is a proper kimono worn with the aid of using guys for formal events or ceremonies, like marriage ceremonies of own circle of relatives or relative. 
  12. Hoary Kimono: A quick kimono which looks as if a jacket.

Type of cloth used for making silk kimono robe

Usually, an advanced silk cloth is used to make the conventional kimonos. A habitat silk is a favorite. It is a light-weight, shimmering material. Spun silk is likewise used. The summer time season kimono that is greater informal in nature is made from light-weight cotton cloth. 

Usually blue and white are the colors used for those kimonos referred to as Yukata however different vibrant shades and floral styles also are used. Colors of the cloth relied on many factors