Multiplayer maps: The best in the series for Call of Duty

Multiplayer maps: The best in the series for Call of Duty

Whether your motive for getting the Warzone aimbot is because you like killing whatever comes on sight or you are an objective mode player, there is something good that Call of Duty will offer to you when it comes to multiplayer maps.

Frantic multiplayer is something that has become associated with the Call of Duty games. Its brilliant use of killstreaks and persistent progression has made it go up the ladder when it comes to multiplayer FPS from Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare.

The following are the best multiplayer maps you will find with the Call of Duty games:

Dome in Modern Warfare 3

Most of the Duty fans tend to forget Modern Warfare 3 and the way it offered an excellent map selection like Hardhat and Resistance. Even though the game happened to have some stinkers, most of the maps seemed to be fun.

Dome has been argued to be one of the best maps in the CoD franchise, but fans rarely talk about it. It can combine mayhem of the close quarters of the fans’ favorites such as Shipment or Rust, with lanes that are more open-ended than most CoD tend to be associated with. It happened to be an excellent map for the Search and Destroy IVI engagements and Team Deathmatch. Dome is a well-rounded map.

Hijacked in Black ops 2

It is a masterpiece in the level design of tri-lane. It is a yacht containing three main lanes that players have to fight to take control of, and on both sides of the boat, there is a vantage point. The window vantage points happened to be powerful positions to control as they will enable you to control at least more than a third of the map easily. The boat’s under section allows for the opponent team to control and flank the area on their own, giving the map an excellent map flow great sense while preventing massacres of spawn-camping from having to occur.

Crash in call of duty 4: Modern warfare

When thinking of CoD 4: Modern warfare, you should not be confused with the 2019 Modern warfare reboot and start thinking of the crash.  There are very few maps that tend to have such a good flow without depending on the three lanes. The crash happens to focus on players having to control a building that is three storeys tall near a helicopter that is crashed near the map’s center.  It offers a vantage point covering almost the entire map, but it can be countered easily by using long-range weapons and grenades. The map’s outskirts tend to be an excellent way to close in on enemies roaming and taking them out. It is hard to find a map that can match the chaotic fun you will offer with the Crash.

Nuketown in Black ops

It is the poster child of multiplayer in the Treyarch in the CoD game. It is a map that takes queues from Rust maps and infinity wards shipment and cranks it up to 11.