Massage Chairs Can Improve Your Health

Massage Chairs Can Improve Your Health


Massage has a long history of offering many health benefits. These include pain relief, improved circulation, and faster healing. When massage chairs were first created, it was thought that they were primarily designed to facilitate relaxation and rest. 

The Best Massage Chairs Provide a Real Massage

The best massage chairs are far more comfortable than older models. Massage chairs had very limited functionality in their early days. They could only apply pressure to a limited area and only use the most basic movement patterns.

The difference between massage chairs available today and those of decades ago is striking. These new versions cover key areas, from head to foot:



Upper back

Lower back





Advanced Massage Chairs Offer Many Health Benefits

What health benefits can a massage chair bring? It all depends on how often the massage chair is used, and other factors. However, many people report (and studies have confirmed) that there are benefits such as:

Less pain. Regular massage can reduce pain in many parts of the body. The lower back is a prime area for massage. Lower back pain tends to decrease when muscles that are tightened for a variety of reasons relax. Massage may actually be more effective than medication or acupuncture in relieving lower back pain. 

Fewer headaches. Migraines and general headaches can be caused by muscle tension. The best massage chairs can help reduce or eliminate muscle tension and decrease headache intensity.

A faster workout recovery. Your muscles make lactic acid when you exercise hard. This is a workout side effect that can cause muscle soreness and fatigue. Your body eventually processes the lactic acid and eliminates it from your muscle tissues. Regular use of an advanced massage chair, as athletes and athletic trainers will testify, can help your body eliminate lactic acid faster and aid in recovery from training sessions.

Lower blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar. Muscle tension can be a result of hectic schedules. This tension can increase the activity of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which in turn can raise your blood pressure and heart rate. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, can increase the risk of several conditions, including stroke and heart disease. Massage can provide a healthy and helpful counterpoint to everyday stress. Your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is activated by massage. This helps to reduce the negative effects of the SNS. The best massage chairs can help restore balance to your body and improve blood pressure and heartbeat.

Improved immune function. Stress can make your immune system less effective, which could lead to an increased risk of developing diseases. Massage helps you relax and improves your immune system’s effectiveness. Massage can not prevent illness but it can help to create conditions that allow your body to better defend itself.

Lower cortisol level. The hormone cortisol has been known to incite the body’s fight or flight response to crises. Although cortisol is important and necessary in certain situations, it can also cause problems for the body. Massage can lower cortisol levels, and reduce the body’s stress response.

Beyond the Body: Massage chairs and your emotional health

The understanding of mind and body continues to improve. Many mental and emotional disorders have a physiological component. Although the mechanism behind these conditions is still unclear, evidence is mounting that high cortisol levels can lead to psychotic disorders. Massage can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms by helping to balance the body and reduce stress.